Dental Services

Our Services and Treatments

Bolt Family Dental is proud to offer the following services:

Tooth Colored Fillings

We utilize composite fillings to restore your teeth after a cavity is removed.  These filling materials are closely shade matched to your original tooth color.

Crowns & Bridges

Teeth that are structurally compromised are repaired with a tooth colored crown.  Often teeth that have large fillings that have broken down, teeth with large cavities, or teeth that have broken are treatment planned for a crown.  Crowns are completed in two appointments.  Your tooth will be prepared for the crown at the first appointment, and you will leave the office with a temporary crown.  At the next appointment, your new crown will be cemented onto your tooth.

Porcelain veneers are a fantastic way to completely change a smile!   When front teeth are discolored, misaligned, or severely chipped, veneers can create a ‘smile makeover’ in just a few appointments.

Periodontal Treatments

A healthy and beautiful smile begins with clean teeth and healthy gums.   We provide excellent regular hygiene care to help you prevent tooth decay, gingivitis, and periodontal disease (gum disease).

Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria below the gums.  This bacteria causes inflammation of the tissues around the teeth, which can lead to bone loss.  Bone loss around teeth can cause many problems including loosening of teeth, gum abscesses (infection), gum recession, bad breath, and loss of teeth.  Patients who have diabetes, smoke, have rheumatoid arthritis, or cardiovascular disease are more susceptible to periodontal disease than others.

During your cleaning appointments we will measure your probing depths (bone levels).  If we start to see signs of periodontal disease, we will work with you to decide which periodontal treatments will be best for you.

Root Canal Therapy

We are trained to perform root canals on teeth that have become infected.  During the root canal process, we will remove the nerve and blood supply inside the tooth, and fill the root with a special filling material.  If a root canal is completed on a back tooth, we will also need to complete a crown after your root canal therapy to reinforce the compromised tooth.


We do all that we can to save teeth.  However, when teeth are badly broken down or infected, sometimes a tooth extraction is our only option.  Dr. Troyer and Dr. Dehaven are trained in both surgical and simple extractions.  After a tooth is extracted we have many options for tooth replacement to restore your smile!

Tooth replacement options


Implants are substitutes for the roots of missing teeth and act as an anchor for a replacement tooth or crown.


A dental bridge is used to replace missing teeth.  A bridge typically takes two appointments, and a temporary bridge is fabricated for you to wear in between appointments

Dentures and Partial Dentures

Complete dentures are fabricated after all teeth have been removed.   Our dentures are custom made with the aid of our amazing dental laboratory.

Partial dentures fulfill needs of patients who have multiple missing teeth, restoring an attractive smile, and full function of chewing.  Partials ‘clip’ onto remaining teeth to give a more stable and functional bite.

Dentures and partials can also be combined with dental implants to give a more stable fit.